About Listmos

Listmos is a place for everything fascinating, everything mysterious, everything bizarre. We, Jonathan & Jessica, the creators of this website, are plagued with an insatiable thirst for these interesting things. Be it crime or mythology, entertainment, or mystery; we spend most of the time exploring these things. So, if you have the same insatiable thirst like ours, this website is for you. Feel free to dive in, consume, share, and enjoy. If you have a bright idea that we can write on, we are game. If you want to contribute, you are welcome to join the explorer tribe.

Listmos Key People

Hi, I am Jonathan – the curious explorer with an insatiable thirst. I spend most of the time reading, writing, and learning. It is a fun process! If you have questions about anything apart from advertisements, you can mail me at administrator@listmos.com.

Hi, I’m Jessica – the inspiration of the curious explorer. I write for Listmos too! But most of the time, I spend time running around my Goof Balls, my furry children who make our family complete. For advertisement queries, write to me at advertisement@listmos.com.