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La Pascualita – The Embalmed Corpse Bride?

Everyone is captivated with stories and more so with ghost stories. The emotions of the audience may differ – some may be scared, some may scoff at the stories as a myth, some may find it extremely interesting. Irrespective of the emotion that the ghost stories evoke, one thing is certain – they enthrall you.

One of the best examples that we can give you as a testament to what we said above is the story of La Pascualita. A mannequin which looks so real that she gave people the creeps.

The Beginning of the Story of La Pascualita

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The story starts with the exhibition of a new mannequin by Pascuala Esparza’s bridal boutique in March 1930 in Mexico’s Chihuahua. You may ask, what’s the big deal? But the mannequin was not like a regular mannequin that you see in multiple stores. The mannequin appeared to have life. She had clear eyes, rosy cheeks, and natural flowing hair. The wedding dress she wore was the second thing that people noticed.

la pascualita window display
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But what surprised people the most were her skin, hands, and legs! They looked real, and her legs even had varicose veins! Not just that, the mannequin resembled the store owner’s dead daughter. His daughter died of a bite from a black widow spider on her wedding day, and the mannequin was displayed shortly after her death. 

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People started assuming that the mannequin was none other than the embalmed body of the store owner’s daughter. The news about the mannequin spread like wildfire and attracted experts like morticians, funeral experts, and amateurs alike. Everyone came running to see the mannequin that earned fame by the name, ‘La Pascualita.’

Scientific Criticism & The Dilemma

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Many people blindly believed that the mannequin is the embalmed body, but most of the experts disagree. The conditions required to keep any embalmed body cannot be fulfilled in a small store. Moreover, the embalmed corpses of Lenin and Mao are not in good shape when compared to La Pascualita.

The corpses of the comrades (Lenin and Mao) have experts to take care of them and are kept at an optimal temperature. Given the Mexican temperature, the embalmed body could not have sustained for 90 years!

It may appear that experts found a solution to this 90+-year-old mystery. But no! What experts can’t explain is how the hands of the mannequin appeared so realistic.

The hands discolored over time just the way it happens with any corpse! The cuticles dried and drew back from the nailbed (similar to what is seen in corpses)! Varicose veins on her legs intensify the dilemma further.

Unnerving Experiences With La Pascualita

There is more to it. People who visited the store felt the mannequin’s eyes following them as they moved around the shop. Some even claim that they turned around only to find that she was in a different position! Some of the shop workers felt the same way.

One of them claimed that every time the person went near La Pascualita, his or her hands started sweating, and he or she believes that the mannequin was a real person. This is the reason why experts are not cent percent sure that La Pascualita is a mannequin.

The French Magician’s Love

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There is local folklore that does the rounds regarding La Pascualita. According to the folklore, La Pascualita started as a mannequin. However, it changed when a visiting French magician was captivated by the mannequin.

He visited her through her window every night. He would bring her to life, dance with her, and then take her out, roaming the dark streets of the town, and returned her to the store every morning.

So, what do you think? Is La Pascualita the embalmed body of the unfortunate would-be bride? Or, was La Pascualita no more than a meticulous work of someone who took extra care in creating the life-like mannequin? Let us know your thoughts through the comments segment.


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