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The Nine Unknown Men – India’s Secret Society

There is no scarcity of secret societies in the world. Illuminati is one of them. Though everyone knows that society exists, people don’t really know about the members of the Illuminati.

But is Illuminati the most prominent secret society of all, or is there any other society that far supersedes the mysterious nature associated with Illuminati?

The answer to this question is: Yes, there is another society that is far more mysterious and pervasive than Illuminati, and it goes by the name – The Nine Unknown Men. So now, if we aren’t wrong, you will probably have at least the following questions in mind:

  1. Is it a worldwide society, or is it located in a single country?
  2. Who started the secret society?
  3. When was the secret society formed?
  4. What does it do?
  5. Why does it have such a weird name?
  6. Who are the members of this society?

The answer to this last question (# 6) is pretty clear. No one knows the people who form this society. A bit of digging can reveal a member or two of the Illuminati but not the members of the Secret Society of The Nine Unknown Men.

Who Created the Nine Unknown Men Secret Society?

The Nine Unknown Men is the name of the secret society created in 270 BCE by Mauryan Emperor Ashoka of India, who became popular for the Kalinga War that claimed over 100,000 men’s lives.

It is being said that the Nine Unknown Men is the most powerful secret society on the face of Earth.

The story goes that after the Kalinga War, Ashoka understood the extent of damage the world has to endure if the power falls into the wrong hands and hence, formed a secret society consisting of 9 men.

These 9 men were tasked with preserving, developing, and preventing secret knowledge from getting into the hands of evil men.

The 9 men were each given one book to guard. Each of the books contained supreme knowledge, which could help humanity to evolve, but if in the wrong hands, the knowledge could destroy humanity – the whole of it.

During Ashoka’s rule, the knowledge of past and present and natural science was vowed to secrecy. Henceforth and for the next 2000 years that followed, all the developed knowledge was hidden in the secret books.

The collective research knowledge guarded by the secret society includes everything from collective psychology techniques to the structure of matter.

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The Legends Associated with the Secret Society

As per legend, Ashoka also charged those 9 men with manipulating Indian culture and presenting it to the external world as a country of mystically-oriented backward people so that the advanced scientific knowledge accumulated over time can be safeguarded from people with malicious intentions.

There are other versions of the legend available. For instance, one of the versions states that Emperor Ashoka formed the secret society to safeguard advanced scientific knowledge to the Rama Empire.

The Rama Empire, if at all, was to be compared to any ancient society then, the only contender is Atlantis. According to Hindu Scriptures, the Rama Empire was destroyed 15,000 years ago by highly advanced weaponry.

Some theories originated, which went up to the extent of claiming that the Rama Empire and Atlantis were engaged in nuclear warfare, leading to complete annihilation of both. Hence, the secret society was entrusted with safeguarding the advanced knowledge of destructive warfare.

Who Told the World About the Nine Unknown Men?

Jacques Bergier and Louis Pouwels popularized the story of the Nine. Before that, the story was popularized by Talbot Mundy and Louis Jacolliot, who claimed in their ‘The Morning of the Magicians’ that the nine men very rarely reveal themselves to really wise men from the outside world to transfer some knowledge to them for the greater good of humanity.

One such outsider was Pope Sylvester II, who, as it is believed, received secret received a mysterious talking bronze head (skull) that spoke robotically to Pope in just yes or no whenever the Pope asked questions about religion or other stuff.

Theosophists worldwide believe that The Nine Unknown Men are real and are continuously working for humanity’s good. It is also being said that Indian scientist Jagadish Chandra Bose was an ardent believer of the secret society. Some say that Bose was actually a member of the secret society.

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What Do the Nine Unknown Men Guard?

The nine books guarded by these Nine Unknown Men contain knowledge continuously rewritten and improved over time. The books hold the knowledge that is potentially hazardous to humanity.

The first book is on propaganda and psychological warfare, which teaches how to mold mass opinion. It is said to be the most dangerous of all 9 books.

The second book is about physiology, which explains how to kill a person simply by touching. Known as ‘the touch of death,’ the book supposedly teaches how to reverse the nerve pulse by a simple touch and kill him or her. Many people say that the martial art form Judo is a result of leakages from this second book.

The third book is said to be dealing with biotechnology and microbiology. Some say that The Nine Unknown Men gave the world the cholera vaccine, which is probably a piece of knowledge retained in this third book.

The fourth book deals with transmutation of metals and alchemy.

The fifth book is believed to be on communications and explains how to communicate with extraterrestrials.

The sixth book is on gravitation and Vaiminika Shashtra, which explains how to build vimanas (airships), which are often referred to as ancient UFOs.

The seventh book is said to be on cosmology holding the secret of time travel, including means of inter and intra-universal trips at enormous speeds directly through space-time fabric.

The eighth book is believed to be on light, explaining how to increase or decrease the speed of light and even use it as a weapon.

The final one – the ninth book is said to be on sociology, which holds the secrets of societal evolution and predicting their downfall.

So the question is, “Is the secret society of the Nine Unknown Men real?” Even if it is, we will probably never come to know, at least not in this lifetime.

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